Fairy Tale At Night

Fairy is flying around the world. Spread the pixie dust to all children and human. Make them believe to miracle and to love. At night, all fairies wake up from their long hibernation. Only to whisper to the creatures, that music and love, are two things which make ur life's going better... That fairy... is me... ^^

Girls.. I present u, the most emotional memories in 2010 by Westlife fans. I've just got it while I look to Westlife frontpage. And, as soon as I read it. I realize, there is still so many people who adore them. I feel I am not alone. I will continue my dreams to be with them. Westlife always special. The're unreplaceable for us. Maybe there is also Super Junior, SHINee, TVXQ, and JYJ along the way I try to love them more. But, I believe, the're all have their own place in my heart. Different composition.

So, everyone. For Westlife fans, wherever u are. We gotta believe, that someday, Westlife will appear in front of us and sing our favorite song. Trust me. Dreams aren't make to forget. But to make us stronger to face the fact. Don't say "maybe", but say "will".

Westlife Memories of 2010

We recently asked Westlife fans to send in their favourite memories of 2010. 
We would like to share a few highlights from a great year – let’s hope 2011 brings many more fantastic memories.

1. Posted from nickyismyfav

My favourite memories of 2010 is when me and my best friend went to see the lads 9 times on the tour we went to the opening night of the tour and the atmosphere in the Odyssey Arena was electric nobody new what to expect, Me and my friend were lucky enough to meet Nicky,Kian,Mark,Kevi n,Louis and Jodi at our hotel then we met Kian and Shane in Manchester but my best memory ever that i will never ever forget is Nicky and Wonderland choosing me to go onstage with them for the very last song at the very last Westlife concert of 2010 at Cawdor Castle in Scotland
Thank you soo much lads for the best memories in the 13 years XXX

2. Posted from estuchbury

My favourite memory has to be Christmas day. I bought my 6 year old son a cd player for his bedroom and some cd's, the cd's were things like bob the builder (sorry guys lol), glee, high school musical etc but after we set it up he turned to me and asked why i hadn't bought him a westlife cd. I told him it was because i already have every single one. So, he walked over to my cd rack, took out the new gravity album and put it on full blast. He was singing and dancing away and that image i will never forget. I have now had to start buying myself all the albums again because mine have disappeared into his bedroom and he wont let me have them back :( lol. I'm getting married in August and at the reception my dad will be performing and Johnathan (my son) has asked him if he will learn how to play safe so that he can sing it with him on my wedding day. So next year when you ask the highlight of our year, i can guarantee that this wil be it. I can't wait! Xx

3. Posted from AnnetteFilan

I have a lot of memories from 2010 :) I'm from Denmark but I did went to 9 shows last year :) I was in Belfast, Manchester, Newcastle, Dublin and Sligo :) And if I have to choose the best concerts, I must say Croke Park and also the show in Sligo! :) The crowd on Croke Park was absolutely fantastic! Everyone jumped and sang along! They brought their kids to the stage, which was so wonderful to see! :) The speech Nicky and Kian did for their Dad's, were so emotional! I admire them for doing it, it was so beautiful! :)
The concert in Sligo was amazing! They read our banner saying: 'Nicky's got the moves, Mark's got the voice, Kian's got the style and Shane's got it all!' It was unforgettable! :) They joked about our banner a lot, and Shane said to us, that we should be proud of ourselves, for making the banner :D 

Also in Manchester Nicky read our banner. But this time saying: 'Shane Filan, the best product of Ireland!' And I will not forget the 'thank you', the smile and the wink Shan
We hope you all have great memories of the last year following Westlife – we look forward to hearing memories of this year and the Gravity tour.
I got it from www.westlife.com.
There is so many interesting facts about Westlife. I will post the other articles soon...


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